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I am your typical young adult. Working a job that is not so fabulous, and looking for my "thing". I am learning more about myself and the world I live in more everyday, and I am also learning to cherish's not slowing down. Especially those moments I wish away. I will be sharing my thoughts, my love for design and diy, and other amazing things I feel should be shared. Thanks for visiting :)
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Rock coat rack. I like this as an alternative to the twig/branch racks. Still rustic but has the potential to be a little mod too don’t you think?


DIY Chalkboard Table. Still want to do some kind of chalkboard project and with chalkboard contact paper coming out, lots of possibilities. From Design Sponge here. Originally found at fontscrafts here. But what was really interesting was in the comments section. Kim wrote in with her own recipe that she uses to sell chalkboard painted items:

We make and sell chalkboards, locally and I am going to let you in on a great big money saving secret. SHH! here it is…If you don’t mind a little bit of shine to begin with you can use black outdoor semigloss paint custom mix from wal-mart at $15.95 a gallon…Use outdoor semi-gloss have them mix Y8 or 64 part black only tint and mix…It is the EXACT same formula as chalkboard paint and you save a whole lot of money…After painting and it dries throughly…Rub white chalk all over the paint and then wipe off..This primes the finish and dulls it so it is not shiny……….We sell over 50 chalkboards a week and have never had one complaint about them…..People love them….And we can actually make money selling them wholesale with this savings……


I’m having a Halloween party at my house this year! The thought of having a month to go just COMPLETELY INSANE, decor-wise, fills me with glee! I’ve been collecting some links to handmade Halloween decoration projects, and I thought I’d share.

Shadow makers:

Wine bottle light:


Back/Front or Alternative for Menu Cards - what a nice greeting for guests as they come to sit down.